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Advanced Excel Training courses Excel 2016

Audience: This course is aimed at experienced Excel users wishing to further their Excel skills. Majoring on Pivot Tables and recorded macros we explore many other of Excel's great productivity features like auditing, protecting and linking workbooks and What-If analysis.

Course Duration: 1 day(1)

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses, 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location: This Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced training course is delivered at our Training centre in London situated close to Liverpool Street station; training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.

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advanced excel course london


After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Audit a worksheet
    • Link worksheets and workbooks
    • Perform What if Analysis
    • Protect and Outline Excel documents
    • Collaborate with other Excel users
    • Import and Export Data
    • Filter and summarise worksheet data
    • Analyse worksheet data with Pivot Tables
    • Record macros

  • Course Outline
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    Module 1: Auditing a worksheet
    • Tracing precedents and dependents
    • Tracing errors in the worksheet
    • Error checking
    • Watch window
    Module 2: Linking worksheets and workbooks
    • Setting up related worksheets within a workbook
    • Entering a formula to link related worksheets and workbooks
    • Creating a workspace
    • Consolidate worksheets and workbooks
    Module 3: What if Analysis
    • Goal seek
    • 1 way and 2 way Data Tables
    • Scenario Manager
    Module 4: Protection and Outlining
    • Protecting worksheets and workbooks
    • Grouping and outlining a worksheet
    Module 5: Working with other Excel users
    • Create a shared workbook
    • Tracking changes in a shared workbook
    • Responding to proposed changes and comments in a shared workbook
    • Working with version History (new)
    • Module 6: Importing and Exporting Data
      • Importing data from a text or web based file
      • Working with other applications such as Access
      • Get and Transform (new)
      • Module 7: Filtering and summarising worksheet data
        • Use the Quick analysis tool
        • Autofilter and advanced filter
        • Adding a criteria range with advanced filter
        • Database functions
        • Using subtotals and nested subtotals
        • One click forecasting
        • 3D Maps (new)
        • Ink Equations (new)
    Module 8: Pivot Tables
    • What is a Pivot Table?
    • Best practice on setting up Pivot Tables
    • Creating a Pivot Table
    • Resetting the summary function in a Pivot Table report
    • Grouping Pivot Table data
    • Search in the Pivot Table (new)
    • Formatting a Pivot Table
    • Charting a Pivot Table
    • Printing the Pivot Table
    • Normalising Pivot Table data sources
    • Convert Ranges to Tables
    • Using other Microsoft data sources with Pivot Tables
    • Using Slicers and TimeLines to filter Pivot Table data (new)
    • Power Pivot and Power View (new)
    Module 9: Recording macros
    • Macro guidelines
    • Macro security settings
    • Recording and deleting macros
    • Running macros
    • Assign a macro to the QAT, ribbon or shortcut keys
    • Recording relative and absolute cell selection
      advanced excel training courses

This course is instructor led, and involves lots of  examples and exercises in a workshop environment. Led by highly experienced Microsoft Excel trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with lots of practical Excel experience as well as useful tips and tricks. We  train on the following versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and office 365, please make the trainer aware on the day if you use a another version and they can point out anything that may be slightly different.

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This advanced Microsoft Excel training course will teach you to.

the advanced excel course demonstrate features of Excel in any version to their full extent. By the end of this course, you will be able to report on data in a list using PivotTables, edit and analyse complex data using advanced features such as Scenarios, Goal Seek and Solver, incorporate built-in functions into a worksheet, work with controls and record macros.


Advanced Excel Training Courses London

At the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Excel. You will be able to perform the most advanced calculations and functions, manipulate data using pivot tables and 'advanced' analExcel is used extensively in business. It has obvious uses in finance but is used far more widely to track and manage information. It’s ability to hold, manage, present and summarise information  quickly and simply make it ubiquitous. 


The ability for Excel VBA to be used to build custom function means that it can be used to very quickly automate repetitive functions. A typical example of this would be generating monthly or weekly reports and graphs. Financial models that are used to forecast business cashflow are often built using Excel spreadsheets that can, on occasion, become very large. It contains a large number of very useful functions which automate the analysis of the output, including IRR, XIRR, NPV and DCF.ysis, record macros and integrate with other office applications.


Just about every office job requires some degree of skill in Excel. Cat's wide range of Microsoft Excel courses, from beginner to advanced, will ensure that you and your team can make the most of this powerful tool, whether you still operate on Excel 2003, or have recently made the switch to Excel 2016.