Excel 2016 Core Microsoft Specialist

Audience: On completion of MOS 77-727 Excel 2016 Core exam candidates will have a fundamental understanding of Excel 2016 and the ability to complete tasks independently. Earners have proven they can create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets, and use graphic elements to represent data visually including professional-looking budgets, financial statements, performance charts, and data-entry logs. Excel earners include students, business professionals, clerical workers, bookkeepers, educators, and others.

The straightforward Excel evaluation challenges individuals to complete a comprehensive project that depicts real-world functionality with project and standards-based outcome testing.

Course Materials

All our Microsoft Office Specialist MOS training materials are published by  CCL Learning 

CCL Manuals 

 Titles include Access 2016, Word 2016 Core, Word 2016 Expert, Excel 2016 Core, Excel 2016 Expert, Outlook 2016 Core and PowerPoint 2016 Core, seven titles to collect.

These manuals can be purchase from ourselves as part of the official study MOS 2016 kit or manual only – you do not need to attend our courses to purchase these fantastic manuals.

Manuals for other Office versions are available – Office 2010 and 2013, coming soon Office 2019 and office 365

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Certification Guide: Spiral bound study manuals are Published by CCI Learning. Manual contents are separated into lessons, at completion of each lesson there is a summary and review questions.

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77-727 Excel Core Exam Certification 


Mouse MOS Test Venue

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77-727 Excel 2016 Core Exam Course Outline

Accreditations Available: Microsoft Office Specialist & CPD Excel Core

Course Duration: 2/3 days, our three day course includes option to sit the Excel Core exam.

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses and 1-2-1 sessions

Course Location: This Microsoft Excel Specialist Core exam 77-727 training course can be delivered either at our London training venue or at your offices.

At Course Completion

Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes 

  • Change the slide master theme or background 
  • Modify slide master content
  • Create a slide layout
  • Modify a slide layout
  • Modify the handout master
  • Modify the notes master

Order and Group Slides

  • Create sections 
  • Modify slide order
  • Rename sections

Change Presentation Options and Views

  • Change slide size
  • Change views of a presentation
  • Set file properties

Configure a Presentation for Print

  • Print all or part of a presentation 
  • Print notes pages
  • Print handouts
  • Print in colour, grayscale, or black and white

Configure and Present a Slide Show

  • Create custom slide shows
  • Configure slide show options
  • Rehearse slide show timing
  • Present a slide show by using Presenter View 

Insert and Format Text

  • Insert text on a slide
  • Apply formatting and styles to text
  • Art styles to text
  • Format text in multiple columns
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Insert hyperlinks

 Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes

  • Insert or replace shapes
  • Insert text boxes
  • Resize shapes and text boxes
  • Format shapes and text boxes
  • Apply styles to shapes and text boxes

Insert and Format Images

  • Insert images
  • Resize and crop images
  • Apply styles and effects

Order and Group Objects

  • Order objects
  • Align objects
  • Group objects
  • Display alignment tools

Insert and Format Tables

  • Create a table
  • Insert and delete table rows and columns
  • Apply table styles
  • Import a table

Insert and Format Tables

  • Create a chart
  • Import a chart
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Add a legend to a chart
  • Change the chart style of a chart

Insert and Format SmartArt graphics

  • Create SmartArt graphics
  • Convert lists to SmartArt graphics
  • Add shapes to SmartArt graphics
  • Reorder shapes in SmartArt graphics
  • Change the colour of SmartArt graphics

Insert and Manage Media

  • Insert audio and video clips
  • Configure media playback options
  • Adjust media window size
  • Set the video start and stop time
  • Set media timing options

Apply Slide Transitions

  • Insert slide transitions
  • Set transition effect options

Animate Slide Content

  • Apply animations to objects 
  • Apply animations to text
  • Set animation effect options
  • Set animation paths

Timing for Transitions and Animations

  • Set transition effect duration
  • Configure transition start and finish options
  • Reorder animations on a slide

Merge Content from Multiple Presentations 

  • Inset slides from another presentation 
  • Compare two presentations
  • Insert comments
  • Review comments

Finalise Presentations 

  • Protect a presentation
  •  Inspect a presentation
  • Proof a presentation
  • Preserve presentation content
  • Export presentations to other formats

Further Accreditations – MOS Master 

Microsoft Office Master 2016 earners masterfully use the basic and advanced features of MOS 2016 applications.

MOS 2016 Master is the highest MOS Certification.

Master candidates demonstrate a broader and deeper expertise of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access or Outlook. They have achieved an elite certificate recognized worldwide.

Office Specialist Master

Required Courses for office 2016 Master


Excel 2016 Expert
Word 2016 Expert
PowerPoint 2016 Specialist

Optional Courses for Office 2016 Master – Choose 1

Outlook 2016 Specialist
Access 2016 Specialist

Key Excel 2016 Core Topics Covered

Introducing Excel, learn how Excel works, understand how to move within Excel, create a workbook, enter data into a worksheet and work with files.

Constructing Cell Data, learn how to make changes to data in the worksheets, change the structure, and addadd and remove worksheets in the workbook. 

Using Formulas, learn about formulas – what they are,how they work, how to inser simple formulas and use built-in functions to create some formulas. 

Formatting the worksheet, learn how to use a variety of methods to format cells in a worksheet to emphasize different worksheet areas.

Viewing and Printing Workbooks, learn how to change the views in preparation for printing worksheets, Print and preview worksheets and customise the page setup for printing  worksheets.

Working with Charts and Graphics, you will learn to work with charts work with different types of graphics images including shapes and pictures.

Organising Data, you will will look at various methods of organising data to improve your ability to analyze it.

Using Data Tools, you willlearn about a variety of Excel Data to include importing and exporting data between other applications, searching worksheets for a value, using hyperlinks, and making workbooks more accessible.