Mouse Training Hints and Tips Videos

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Our training gurus, Clair Taylor and Wayne Johnson present their regular series of Mouse Training Hints and Tips Videos.

Enjoy our Hints and Tips on using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. And there’s many more to come.

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Excel Drop Down Lists

Have you ever seen those drop-down lists in Excel cells? And wondered how to do them? It’s all about Excel Data Validation.

Clair Taylor shows you how to do them. The video starts with a few simple examples. Usually, that’s all you’ll ever need. Then we move on to dealing with data validation in Excel Tables. And solve with that knotty problem you sometimes get when a Table is the data source.

This uses an Excel formula incorporating the INDIRECT function. The INDIRECT function is used again to create Dependant Validation Lists. This where you have one validation list which changes, based on the choice made in another list.

Excel Age from Date of Birth using DATEDIF

Wayne and Clair demonstrate using Microsoft Excel’s DATEDIF function to calculate an individual’s age from their date of birth. The formula results show their current age in both years and months. And updates automatically as time goes on.

DATEDIF is an undocumented function. You won’t see it in the function list. You have to know it exists in order to use it! See if you can spot Clair’s deliberate (so she says!) mistake.

Excel Waterfall Charts

Clair Taylor demonstrates plotting a Waterfall chart in Excel. Using Excel for Mac and Excel for Windows.

A waterfall chart shows a running total as values are added or subtracted. It’s useful for understanding how an initial value is affected by a series of positive and negative values. The columns are colour coded so you can easily tell positive from negative numbers. Waterfall charts are often known as Bridge Charts.

Excel XLOOKUP function

This one is all about Microsoft Excel’s game-changing new lookup function – XLOOKUP! If you’ve ever suffered the delights of lookup formulas using Excel functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX, then you’re going to love this function.

Clair Taylor takes us through various, familiar lookup scenarios: vertical and horizontal lookups, exact matches, approximate matches, two-way lookups, multiple values and the rest…

Adding up Time in Excel

Clair Taylor demonstrates the special number format code needed when you are adding up time in Excel formulas.

It’s not a life-changing experience. But it’s definitely one to know if you ever have to calculate time sheets. When you add up the calculated differences between two times you have to use a special number format code to show the aggregate total time correctly.

Selecting Text in Word

Clair Taylor presents easy ways of selecting text in Word documents. Recommended viewing for casual Word users.

There’s no need to drag through text, see how to easily select words, sentences, lines, paragraphs and entire documents. Pick out individual words in a paragraph and format them-all in one go! Some of the best Word Tips are the simple ones.

Matching Colours with PowerPoint’s Eyedropper

Don’t try to eye-ball colour matches on PowerPoint slides. One of the best PowerPoint Tips is the Eyedropper. This video demonstrates PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint for Windows.

Clair and Wayne demonstrate how easy it is to exactly match colours with the PowerPoint Eyedropper. Even match colours off the slide!