Keep your Microsoft Excel Skills Up to Date

Update Your Excel Skills

Excel is one of the most used office applications. At the same time, it’s one of the most complex. And with so many different disciplines to master: formulas, charts, macros, pivot tables and so on, it’s easy to miss something crucial. Or something that’s new! Try taking a look at our courses and keep your Excel skills up to date.

Our Excel 365 New Functions course showcases all the new functions that have been appearing in Excel in recent years and demonstrates what you can achieve with the new Dynamic Array formulas.

Our other featured course is Excel Power Query. Power Query has been available in Excel for the past few years but falls into the “I never realised that it was there!” category. It’s a crying shame that so many people have not been taking advantage of Power Query to crunch their worksheet data. We hope that our course will give you a few ideas. And save you hours of work.

All our courses are available online with Zoom or Teams. Or you are welcome to attend our training centre. Or we can come to you.

Excel 365 New Functions

Our Excel 365 New Functions training course gets you bang up to date with the quiet revolution that’s been going on with Excel formulas recently. Most of us have relied on familiar functions like VLOOKUP and nested IFs for years. That’s now had a major overhaul. Update your Excel skills.

Don’t worry, all the original functions are still supported. But new functions like IFS, LET and XLOOKUP will completely change your formula game. Making them more powerful and efficient.

Excel’s new calculation engine introduces a new type of function, Dynamic Arrays. We can do calculations that we’d never even thought about doing before. Because now you can easily work with multiple values at the same time in a formula. Dynamic Arrays solve some very tricky problems in Excel formulas and fundamentally change the way our worksheets are designed and constructed.

Excel 365 Power Query

Our Excel Power Query training course is ideal for you if you have to spend time every month cleaning and transforming data. And that’s before you can even begin to analyse it and incorporate it into your reports. Stop the eternal copy and paste, automate your workflow!

We show you how to import data from many different sources. Then combine, transform and reshape your data as required for your Pivot Tables and other Excel reports. You set up your query once and then reuse it with a simple refresh. It’s like a macro, but without the code! For years so many of us have had to write VBA macros to manipulate our data, now you can update your Excel skills by discovering the power of Power Query. Power Query is built into Excel. 

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