Microsoft MOS Word Expert 2019

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MOS Word Expert 2019


The Microsoft Word Expert 2019, certification demonstrates competency in creating and managing professional documents for a variety of specialised purposes and situations. The exam covers the ability to customise Word environments to meet business needs, and to enhance productivity. Examples of expert-level documents include a business plan, a research paper, a book, a specialised brochure and a mass mailing. Word Expert exam vouchers are available from Mouse Training, you need to purchase a voucher before taking the exam.

An individual earning the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification has approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience with Word 365, MOS 2019 and has proven competency at an industry expert level. They can demonstrate the correct application of the principle features of Word and can complete tasks independently.

Microsoft Word Expert 2019 Exams

Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams use a performance-based format, testing a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities using the Microsoft Word 365 or Word 2019 application.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam task instructions generally do not include the command name. For example, function names are avoided and are replaced with descriptors. This means candidates must understand the purpose and common usage of the functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects.

The Microsoft Office Specialist MOS exam format incorporates multiple projects, as in previous versions, while using enhanced tools, functions, and features from the latest versions.

MOS Word Expert 2019

Course Materials

Our Word Expert 2019 MOS training materials are published by CCI Learning.

CCI Manuals 

Titles include Word Associate MO-100, Word Expert MO-101, Excel Associate MO-200, Excel Expert MO-201, Access Expert MO-500, PowerPoint MO-300, and Outlook Associate MO-400 

These manuals can be purchased from ourselves as part of the official study MOS Word 2019 kit or you can buy the manual only – you do not need to attend our courses to purchase these fantastic manuals.

Manuals for other Office versions are available – Office, 2013, 2016 and Office 365

Word Expert Exam Vouchers 

We can supply exam vouchers for Microsoft Word Expert 2019 and they include a thirty day exam retake. You will not have to pay an exam administration fee when you purchase your exam voucher from Mouse Training.

To purchase please complete our voucher order form & self-study kit  

Once your order has been received you will receive an order confirmation and invoice.

MOS Word Expert 2019

Vouchers: Our Word Expert exam vouchers include a thirty day retake option.

Certification Guide: Spiral bound study manuals are Published by CCI Learning. Manual contents are separated into lessons, at completion of each lesson there is a summary and review questions.

Exam kit Microsoft Word Expert MO-101 includes, exam voucher with a thirty day retake option, Certification Guide and Gmetrix test prep – read more

Vouchers and Exam Kits rates include exam test centre fees.

Sample Manual
Manual Lesson Answers

MOS Word Expert 2019

Microsoft Word Expert 2019 Exam Format

Microsoft MOS Word Expert 2019 Online Exams

Microsoft Word Expert Online Exams. We schedule exams daily. Additional online dates can be scheduled on request, Monday to Saturday.

Requirements – PC or MAC, Web browser and Internet connection and an exam voucher. Word Expert MOS exam vouchers order forms are available on our homepage

Before the exam – Photo ID driving licence or passport and Certiport registration,

On Exam day – Before your exam you will be sent an exam link via email.

Exam Schedule – Online exam schedule is available on our homepage

Microsoft Word Expert 2019 Exams In-Person

In-person exams are available at our admin office seven days a week, to book please call or email our team.

Microsoft Word Expert 2019 Exam Certification 

MOS Word Expert 2019

Mouse MOS Test Venue

You will need to sit your exam at an authorised test centre. Mouse Training London is a Microsoft Office MOS test centre and we can schedule your exam seven days a week. We accept exam vouchers either purchased from us or other other suppliers.

Testing available online (details) and at our centres.

To Schedule an Exam, please call 020 7920 9500

Microsoft Word Expert 2019 Course Outline

Accreditation Available: Microsoft Word Expert 2019

Course Duration: 2/3 days, our three day course includes an option to sit the MOS Microsoft Word Expert 2019 exam

Course Types: Group bookings and 1-2-1 sessions

Course Location: This Microsoft MOS Word Expert 2019 exam training course can be delivered either at our London training venue or at your offices.

Search for text
Link to locations within documents
Move to specific locations and objects in documents
Show and hide formatting symbols and hidden text

Set up document pages
Apply style sets
Insert and modify headers and footers
Configure page background elements


Save documents in alternative file formats 
Modify basic document properties
Modify print settings
Share documents electronically

Locate and remove hidden properties and personal information
Locate and correct accessibility issues
Locate and correct compatibility issues

Find and replace text
Insert symbols and special characters

Apply text effects
Apply formatting by using Format Painter
Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation
Apply built-in styles to text
Clear formatting

Format text in multiple columns
Insert page, section, and column breaks
Change page setup options for a section

Convert text to tables
Convert tables to text
Create tables by specifying rows and columns

Sort table data
Configure cell margins and spacing
Merge and split cells
Resize tables, rows, and columns
Split tables
Configure a repeating row header

Format paragraphs as numbered and bulleted lists
Change bullet characters and number formats
Define custom bullet characters and number formats
Increase and decrease list levels
Restart and continue list numbering
Set starting number values

Insert footnotes and endnotes
Modify footnote and endnote properties
Create and modify bibliography citation sources
Insert citations for bibliographies


Insert tables of contents
Customise tables of contents
Insert bibliographies

Insert shapes
Insert pictures
Insert 3D models
Insert SmartArt graphics
Insert screenshots and screen clippings
Insert text boxes

Apply artistic effects
Apply picture effects and picture styles
Remove picture backgrounds
Format graphic elements
Format SmartArt graphics
Format 3D models

Add and modify text in text boxes
Add and modify text in shapes
Add and modify SmartArt graphic content

Position objects
Wrap text around objects
Add alternative text to objects for accessibility

Add comments
Review and reply to comments
Resolve comments
Delete comments

Track changes
Review tracked changes
Accept and reject tracked changes
Lock and unlock change tracking

Required Courses for Microsoft Office Specialist Expert – Choose 2

MOS Word Expert 2019
Excel 2019 Expert
MOS Word Expert 2019
Word 2019 Expert
MOS Word Expert 2019
Access 2019 Expert

Required Courses for Microsoft Office Specialist Associate – Choose 3

MOS Word Expert 2019
Outlook 2019 Associate
MOS Word Expert 2019
PowerPoint 2019 Associate
MOS Word Expert 2019
Excel 2019 Associate
MOS Word Expert 2019
Word 2019 Associate
MOS Word Expert 2019
Microsoft Office Specialist Associate
MOS Word Expert 2019
Microsoft Office Specialist Expert
MOS Word Expert 2019
MOS Word Expert 2019
MOS Word Expert 2019