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Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Our Outlook Training Courses

Mouse Training offers a range of Outlook training courses in London or at your office. We provide courses from beginner to advanced levels. Our Outlook courses can be tailored to best suit your requirements and can be provided in a variety of delivery styles, including group bookings, public and 1-2-1, at your location or at our comfortable and fully equipped London Training Centre. All our courses are hands-on, there is  plenty of time for experimenting with what you are being taught, trying things out for yourself and asking questions, reinforcing the concepts that you are being taught.

Outlook Versions

We provide courses for PC, Apple and Mobile devices, versions of Outlook including, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 365 and Outlook 2019 Apple – Outlook 2011, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019

Course available for the following devices

PC, Mac & Mobile devices

Mouse Outlook Trainers

Our Microsoft Outlook trainers are experts in their field, Microsoft Certified Trainers ( MCTs ), demonstrating their in-depth and detailed knowledge and understanding of the subject area. Each has years of experience providing effective training.

Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Why Attend Outlook Training at our Training Venue

When attending our centre we provide everything you need for your time with us in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere ideal for training.

  • Refreshments available throughout the day
  • Complimentary lunch, normally including sandwiches, cakes, fruit, biscuits– you don’t go hungry!
  • State of the art Computers – All matching, 23’’ touch screens, all Microsoft Outlook versions are available.
  • High Speed internet up to 500 meg.
  • Air conditioned rooms.
  • Course Materials – Full access to our extensive library of software manuals included in the price.
  • Stationery – Pens and notebooks supplied
  • Certificates – Course attendance certificates are available.
  • Recognised Examinations – Microsoft Office specialist MOS examinations available for Outlook Core Specialist 77-731

If you have any questions or wish to discuss options please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Outlook Course Materials

All our Outlook training materials are published by two well known publishers, CCI Learning for Microsoft Office Specialist and Velsoft.


CCI Learning Manuals 

CCI Learning publish our Microsoft Office Specialist manuals. Titles include Access 2016, Word 2016 Core, Word 2016 Expert, Excel 2016 Core, Excel 2016 Expert, Outlook 2016 Core and PowerPoint 2016 Core.

These manuals can be purchased from ourselves either as part of the official study MOS 2016 kit or manual only. You do not need to attend one of our courses to purchase these fantastic manuals.

Manuals for other Office versions are available – Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019 and Office 365

Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Velsoft Materials

Velsoft publish a vast range of manuals, these manuals are available to all those attending our courses. For group booking requiring tailored course outlines we can provide a tailored course manual.

Latest release – Microsoft Outlook 365 Level 1

Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Outlook Certified Courses

As well as our standard courses we also provide Microsoft Office Specialist ( MOS ) and Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) courses.

MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist – Weekend testing and On site testing is now available. Validate your Excel skills and expertise with MOS, the globally recognised Microsoft Office certification program. Read More 

Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

CPD – Continuing Professional Development – CPD recognises the commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers. Courses are certified by the CPD assessment organisation to help you achieve your aims. Read More

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Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Sample Outlook Training Topics

Getting Started with Email, you will learn to identify Outlook program items, beginning with Mail, where you will compose, send, receive and view email messages.

Key topics include – how to use the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar, the navigation pane and peeks bar, configure the mail settings, compose, address and format messages.

Insert items into a message, set the message options, working with attachments.

Read and view your messages, reply, forward and print your messages.

Managing Email, you will learn what options are available to help you manage your messages, including setting up folders to organize them. 

Key topics include Working with signatures, conversations and folder lists. Apply and create categories.

Organise your mail using folders, clean up messages, archiving messages and Junk mail.

Working with People, you will learn how to work with contacts information in Outlook, as well as how to organize contacts for distribution

Key topics include – Creating a new contact, create several contacts from the same company, update and format your contacts. Managing address books, import contacts  from other sources.

Manage contacts with colleagues, creation and managing contact groups, updating members information.

Using the Calendar, you will learn how to set up appointments, meetings, or events using the Calendar module in Outlook.

Key topics include Changing the calendar view and setting calendar options, create and edit appointments, create recurring appointments. Scheduling single and multi-day events and set reminders.

Invite attendees to an appointment and track their responses. Determine available meeting times. Modify and cancel meetings. Create a calendar group, show and hide calendars, printing options.

Using Tasks and Notes, you will learn how you can set up tasks and notes to help organise items.

Key topics include Creation of one time and recurring tasks, create tasks from a message and set task options. Mark tasks as complete, assign a status to a task.

Assign a task to others, accept and decline task assignments. Update your tasks and send a status report. Create a note and manage notes and change note views.

Organising Information, you will learn how to organise information in Outlook.

Key topics include – Use and create search folders, rules, setting automatic replies. Working with a data folder and exporting a data file. Granting delegate access to your outlook profile.

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Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London
Microsoft Outlook Training Courses, Microsoft Outlook Training Courses in London

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful mailing and organising tool that can be used by an individual or by a team wishing to share resources. It not only sends and receives email, but can also send faxes and schedule events such as online conferences.

Outlook can also be configured to work with you remotely, if you’re using Microsoft Office 365 you can access Outlook on any phone or tablet as well. Learning to make the most of this powerful and popular tool can make a significant impact on your staff’s productivity. Our courses run for all versions of Outlook: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Also Office 365 and Outlook online.

Mouse’s Microsoft training courses take you on a journey from being a complete beginner through to an advanced user who will then be able to make full use of the application’s capabilities and beyond. Taught by highly efficient, expert Microsoft Certified trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will gain practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

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