Word 2016 Core Microsoft Office Specialist

Audience: On completion of the MOS 77-725 Word 2016 Core exam candidates will have a fundamental understanding of the Word environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. 

They will be able to demonstrate the principal features of Word 2016 by creating and editing documents which can include professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés, and business correspondence.

Course Materials

All our Microsoft Office Specialist MOS training materials are published by  CCI Learning 

CCI Manuals 

Titles include Access 2016, Word 2016 Core, Word 2016 Expert, Excel 2016 Core, Excel 2016 Expert, Outlook 2016 Core and PowerPoint 2016 Core.

These manuals can either be purchased from ourselves as part of the official study MOS 2016 kit or you can buy the manual separately – you do not need to attend our courses to purchase these fantastic manuals.

Manuals for other Office versions are available – Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2019 and Office 365

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Vouchers: Our MOS exam vouchers includes a thirty day retake option.

Certification Guide: Spiral bound study manuals are Published by CCI Learning. Manual contents are separated into lessons, at completion of each lesson there is a summary and review questions.

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77-725 Word 2016 Core Exam Certification



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77-725 Word 2016 Core Exam Course Outline

Accreditations Available: Microsoft Office Specialist & CPD 

Course Duration: 2/3 days, our three day course includes an option to sit the Word Core exam.

Course Types: Group bookings and 1-2-1 sessions

Course Location: This Microsoft Word Specialist Core 77-725 training course can be delivered either at our London training venue or at your offices.

Create a Document

  • Create a blank document
  • Create a blank document using a template
  • Open a PDF in Word for editing
  • Insert text from a file or external source

Navigate Through a Document

  • Search for text
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Create bookmarks
  • Move to a specific location or object in a document

Format a Document

  • Modify page setup
  • Apply document themes
  • Apply document style sets
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Insert page numbers
  • Format page background elements

Customize Options and Views for Documents

  • Change document views
  • Customise views by using zoom settings
  • Customise the Quick Access toolbar 
  • Split the window
  • Add document properties
  • Show or hide formatting symbols

Print and Save Documents

  • Modify print settings
  • Save documents in alternative file formats
  • Print all or part of a document
  • Inspect a document for hidden properties or personal information
  • Inspect a document for accessibility issues
  • Inspect a document for compatibility issues

Insert Text and Paragraphs

  • Find and replace text
  • Cut, copy and paste text
  • Replace text by using AutoCorrect 
  • Insert special characters

Format Text and Paragraphs

  • Apply font formatting
  • Apply formatting by using Format Painter
  • Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation
  • Clear formatting
  • Apply a text highlight colour to text selections
  • Apply built-in styles to text
  • Change text to WordArt

Order and Group Text and Paragraphs

  • Format text in multiple columns
  • Insert page, section, or column breaks
  • Change page setup options for a section

Create and Manage Tables 

  • Convert text to tables
  • Convert tables to text
  • Create a table by specifying rows and columns
  • Apply table styles

Modify a Table

  • Sort table data
  • Configure cell margins and spacing
  • Merge and split cells
  • Resize tables, rows, and columns
  • Split tables
  • Configure a repeating row header

Create and Modify a List

  • Create a numbered or bulleted list
  • Change bullet characters or number formats for a list level
  • Define a custom bullet character or number format
  • Increase or decrease list levels
  • Restart or continue list numbering
  • Set starting number value

Create and Manage Reference Markers

  • Insert footnotes and endnotes
  • Modify footnote and endnote properties
  • Create bibliography citation sources
  • Modify bibliography citation sources
  • Insert citations for bibliographies
  • Insert figure and table captions
  • Modify caption properties

Create and Manage Simple References

  • Insert a standard table of contents 
  • Update a table of contents
  • Insert a cover page

Insert Graphic Elements

  • Insert shapes
  • Insert pictures
  • Insert a screen shot or screen clipping
  • Insert text boxes

Format Graphic Elements

  • Apply artistic effects
  • Apply picture effects
  • Remove picture backgrounds
  • Format objects
  • Apply a picture style
  • Wrap text around objects
  • Position objects
  • Add ALT text to objects for accessibility

Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics

  • Create a SmartArt graphic
  • Format a SmartArt graphic
  • Modify SmartArt graphic content

Further Accreditations – MOS Master

Microsoft Office Master 2016 masterfully use the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Office 2016 applications.

MOS 2016 Master is the highest MOS Certification.

MOS Masters demonstrate a broader and deeper expertise of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access or Outlook. They have achieved an elite certificate which is respected and recognized worldwide.

Office Specialist Master

Required Courses for Office 2016 Master


Excel 2016 Expert
Word 2016 Expert
PowerPoint 2016 Specialist

Optional Courses for Office 2016 Master – Choose 1

Outlook 2016 Specialist
Access 2016 Specialist