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What is Power BI?

Power BI is a collection of software, apps, and services designed to aggregate data so users can easily report on and interpret it. It offers many easy-to-use visualization and reporting tools. It also supports a wide range of data sources, from Facebook analytics to Azure data warehouses and everything in between.

There are three key parts to Power BI, which are all supported by the Power BI service:


Typically, users will start by creating a report in Power BI from connected data sources. The user then publishes that report to the service and shares it, making it available to other users via the web interface and mobile apps. The web interface and mobile apps also support dashboards, which provide a customized summary of report visualizations, and workspaces, which allow users to create custom dashboard collections.

The Building Blocks of Power BI 

Let’s look at how all these elements work together in Power BI.


It all starts with the dataset, which simply means the data you have connected to. This might be an Excel workbook, Facebook analytics, and/or an SQL database (just to name a few of the options). These datasets are then added to reports as visualisations, which present that data in a graphical way.