Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course

Excel Intermediate Course

Get the best from Excel, it’s one of the most used office applications. But, at the same time, it’s one of the most under-used. Come along on our Excel Intermediate course and open the door to what Excel can do for you. All you’ll need is a basic, working knowledge of Excel worksheets and we’ll take you through the world of Excel formulas and data analysis. If you’ve heard people muttering on about Pivot Tables and VLOOKUPs then this is the course for you!

Our Excel Intermediate course is available online with either Zoom or Teams. You are welcome to attend our London training centre, or we can come to you. Call 020 7920 9500 today for further details.

Essential Formulas

Some people come out in a rash just thinking about Excel formulas. Don’t despair, they’re not that difficult and you don’t need to be an expert. However, you do need some essential knowledge and be familiar with some of the functions. On our Excel Intermediate course, we’ll show you all you need. See how to add-up numbers quickly and accurately. Then link worksheets together using formulas and see how to easily calculate differences and percentages. And deal with those tricky situations where some formulas need to have dollar signs entered.

Functions are the backbone of Excel formulas. You can come along on our whistle-stop tour of the most useful Excel functions. We’ll use Excel date functions to work out the working days between two dates. Then see how to calculate someone’s age from their date of birth. Filtering functions like SUMIFS and COUNTIFS should be known by everyone. Logical functions like IF and IFS help your formulas think for themselves and lookup functions like VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP are essential Excel skills.

Data Analysis

Excel is brilliant for data analysis. And it’s so easy! We’ll start by seeing how to transform and clean-up raw data using Flash Fill and text formulas. Then we shall summarise and analyse the results with a Pivot Table report.

Our colleagues need to understand and interpret the results of our analysis. This is where Excel data graphics really shine. We’ll see how Charts, Sparklines, Data Bars, Traffic Lights and Heatmaps make the data more natural for the human mind to comprehend.

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