Excel Essential Functions Course

Essential Excel Functions

Functions are the backbone of most worksheets. But there are around 500 worksheet functions in Excel. How can you possibly learn them all? The answer is, of course, you don’t need to learn all of them. But you do need to know Excel’s best ever functions. The ones you will actually use time and time again.

Our one-day training course is devised to give you a broad skill set covering all the primary categories of Excel functions. We will examine how to create filtering calculations using functions like SUMIFS and COUNTIFS. Then concentrate on introducing logical decision-making into our formulas. Make your formulas think for themselves! And, finally, master the use of lookup functions like VLOOKUP.

All our courses are available online with Zoom or Teams. You are welcome to attend our training centre, or we can come to you. Call 020 7920 9500 today for further details.

Filter Functions

Everybody can do a SUM or a COUNT. But, in real life, many of our calculations require some type of filter. Add up all the sales between two dates. Count the number of deals for a specific product. These are examples of filtered calculations. And this where SUMIFS and COUNTIFS are invaluable. Some people would say that you can’t do without them, they are essential functions.

We’ll also deal with the legacy functions, SUMIF and COUNTIF and take a quick look at some of the other handy filtering functions like AGGREGATE and SUMPRODUCT.

Logical Functions

One of the best Excel skills to master is the ability to make your formulas intelligent. Then you’ll start to feel that Excel is working for you. And not the other way round! We shall see how to use functions like IF, IFS and SWITCH to get our formulas to follow a set of simple rules and return different results based on logic.

Mastering logical functions completely changes your formula game. We’ll start by considering the basic if-then-else logic. And then see how to make multiple tests, combine different tests together and how to force out ugly error values.

Lookup Functions

Many people first discover lookup formulas in Excel worksheets that they’ve inherited from their colleagues. Then they realise, with a sense of horror, that these formulas are driving most of the calculations in the worksheet. And they can’t make head nor tail of them!

Don’t let functions like VLOOKUP or MATCH work their mystery on you. Have you ever looked up the price of a Flat White in your local coffee shop? Yes? Then you already understand what VLOOKUP does. Spend a bit of time with us and learn how to use these all-important and essential Excel functions. It’s time well spent.

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