Mouse Training and Prodigy Learning- a Success Story

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office is No.3 in the Top 10 Most Sought-after Employability Skills according to a recent IDC Study. Mouse Training London, a leading IT Training provider in the UK wanted to meet the growing demand from its customers to offer official Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification that is recognised and respected by industry. Microsoft MOS Certification was embedded when Michael Holford, Managing Director, Mouse Training London recognised the challenge many companies faced of a gap in validating new recruit’s skills and expertise in Microsoft tools.

Mouse Training London initially offered MOS Certification Exam Packs at its testing centre. The company then realised its role in preparing students for certification was much more important to ensure candidates digital skills matched those demanded by employers. To deliver on this role Mouse Training London embedded a full comprehensive MOS Certification programme and has since seen pass rates greatly improve.

Benefits of MOS Certification to Test Centre Candidates

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification is a formal qualification that makes Mouse Training London’s students stand out as valuable and knowledgeable individuals. Embedding the MOS Certification programme is the best way for candidates to develop the crucial digital skills required by today’s employers and to prove competency and efficiency in using the software tools that businesses need workers to use daily.

Proving competency with Microsoft software is becoming more relevant than ever, as many employers are doing job interviews virtually and reducing the onboarding time for new hires. Mouse Training London is delighted to offer the cachet of a leading IT vendor like Microsoft which draws learners from all walks of life enabling them with the skills to stand out from the crowd and offer a recognised proof of their competence.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Mouse Training London over the past few years to embed the Microsoft MOS Certification Program. This adds great value and enables Mouse Training London to remain a leading IT Training Provider, helping organisations get the most out of their technology investment by improving both efficiency and productivity. MOS Certification develops employee’s proficiency and accelerates new Microsoft technology deployments by reducing downtime.

Solving the lack of Digital Skills for Employers

The credentialization of workplace skills is a growing phenomenon today. And rightly so, would you let an unqualified vet operate on your cat? MOS Certification offers candidates the opportunity to prove to employers that they have been recognised by a leading vendor as having skills in these areas.

Certification proves candidates have a fantastic work ethic, the ability to focus on developing valuable skills and achieving globally, industry-recognised certifications. Exam takers are doers and achievers, certification is the validation of their endeavour. Having certified employees to a company increases overall productivity and ensures the company has the relevant digital skills to remain competitive.

Certification to Secure Senior Position in Leading Supermarket Chain

Mouse Training London have seen many examples where having MOS Certification on CV’s and LinkedIn professional profiles has certainly helped candidates in securing employment. Pre-Covid, one of our students travelled from Birmingham to our London centre five Saturdays in a row to gain his MOS Expert Certification. A few weeks later, he was appointed to a senior position at a major national supermarket chain. Most of Mouse Training’s candidates who are already in employment report MOS qualification boosts their confidence, improves productivity, and can lead to increase in salary in comparison to non-certified peers.

Digital Badging to Prove Skills to Employers Globally

Successful MOS candidates value their industry-recognised digital badges as they can display their achievement online, using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to employers around the world. For employers, knowing the digital badges link through to a trusted source and are verified officially by Microsoft, gives confidence that the candidate has the required skills.

Earning Microsoft Certification at Home during Global Pandemic

In these challenging times, and to comply with social distancing regulations we have had to limit attendance at its testing centre. The Exams from Home Certification Solution has proved to be enormously popular and enabled our candidates to continue to prove industry-demanded skills from home. In fact, Mouse Training London are hosting more certifications online compared to previous years when candidates had to physically attend the training centre.

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