MOS exam certification

Microsoft Office Specialist Program

MOS exam certification

GMetrix practice tests

These performance-based assessment and test preparation tools help individuals achieve IT certification credentials.

GMetrix practice test are a great way to test your knowledge of applications prior to taking the certification exams.

The ideal practice score is 700+ then you’re all set to sit your Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

Certiport has partnered with GMetrix to deliver industry-leading practice tests. These tests, with included reporting and insight features, ensure you are adequately prepared to take their certification exam.

Why GMetrix practice tests?

  • Accurately replicate a “live application” testing environment
  • Enhance learning through self-paced practice questions
  • Build familiarity with the testing environment
  • Increase confidence towards certification exams
  • Better prepare you to pass certification exams
MOS exam certification

GMetrix practice tests are customisable

GMetrix practice tests are customisable, allowing you to create a highly-effective environment conducive to student-centered learning. GMetrix practice tests offer two different modes:

Testing mode:

  • Students experience what the certification exams will be like
  • Timed practice tests present scenarios to perform just like the actual certification exam

Training mode:

  • Students work at their own pace as they receive feedback and step-by-step instructions for each question
MOS exam certification
MOS exam certification