Microsoft Access 365 Modules Training Course Outline

Audience: This course is aimed at those who wish to tailor their Access 365 course to specific requirements, for ideas of course content below we have listed example topics.

We are happy to arrange for a trainer to contact you to help tailor your course.

Half day module to be combined with any other half day module in the Microsoft Office suite.

We are happy to arrange for a trainer to contact you to help tailor you course.

Course Duration: 1 day.

Course Availability: Monday – Saturday

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses, 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and office migrations.

.Course Location: This Microsoft Access 365 modules training course can be delivered either at our London training venue or at your offices. 

Tailored Course Content: Course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.

Choose from the follow topics

Working with Tables

  • Opening an existing Microsoft Access table
  • Adding, editing and deleting records
  • Finding specific records
  • Sorting and filtering the data
  • Hiding and unhiding columns
  • Printing the table
  • Freezing columns

Planning a Microsoft Access Relational Database

  • Creating tables
  • Using Quick Start fields
  • Setting field properties
  • Setting the primary key
  • Defining relationships
  • Setting referential integrity
  • Creating lookups
  • Creating calculated fields

Working with Forms

  • Creating a form with the Form Wizard
  • Editing a form
  • Opening a form
  • Adding, editing and deleting records
  • Find and replace records
  • Filtering data in a form

Introduction to Select Queries

  • Select queries explained
  • Creating select queries
  • Working with query views
  • Adding and deleting fields
  • Sorting records in the Design View
  • Using query criteria
  • Adding calculated fields

Designing Advanced Queries

  • Setting join types between tables and queries
  • Setting top values in a query
  • Creating Calculated fields
  • Creating Summary queries
  • Grouping queries
  • Creating Parameter queries

Action Queries

  • Update Query
  • Make Table Query
  • Delete Query
  • Append Query
  • Union Query
  • Find duplicates query
  • Find unmatched query

Working in Form Design View

  • Manipulating controls in form design view
  • Changing form and control properties
  • Adding controls to a form
  • List boxes, Check boxes and Option buttons etc.
  • Using calculations on forms
  • Tabular forms
  • Using Conditional formatting

Working in Report Design View

  • Manipulating controls in a report
  • Changing report control properties
  • Managing, sorting and grouping in reports
  • Adding calculations to a report
  • Controlling pagination

Importing and Exporting Access Data

  • Importing a spreadsheet from Excel
  • Linking data tables to an Access database
  • Export a table to Excel and text files
  • Exporting reports
  • Export to HTML format
  • Export linked data source information to Excel (new)

 Access Macros

  • Developing macros with Macro Designer
  • Triggering data macros
  • Running a macro
  • Attaching a macro to a command button
  • Running a macro from field properties
  • Creating conditional macros
  • Using sub macros