EXAM 77-729 MOS PowerPoint 2016 Core


Powerpoint 2016 exam candidates will have a fundamental understanding of the PowerPoint 2016 environment and demonstrate the correct application of PowerPoint 2016. You will create, edit, and enhance presentations and slideshows. Presentation examples include professional-grade sales presentations, employee training, instructional materials, and kiosk slideshows.

What is Microsoft Office specialist Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist certification is the leading IT certification in the world. More than 1 million MOS exam are taken every year in over 140 countries.

The Microsoft Office Specialist program enables you to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office.

MOS enables you to tap into the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system resulting in the heightened levels of the individuals performance, confidence and differentiation.

Exam Format

Exam task instructions generally do not include the command name as in previous versions. For example, function names are avoided, and are replaced with descriptors. This means candidates must understand the purpose and common usage of the program functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects. 

Powerpoint 2016 exam format incorporates multiple projects, which you  have fifty minutes to compete. 

Exam Pass Mark

To obtain an exam mark you must score 700 or more, the maximum score is 1000, the required pass mark is 700 or More, if you do not pass the exam you will have to wait 24 hours before retaking.

Exams must be sat at one of our MOS test centres in London, 

Powerpoint 2016 Expert Training – Course Duration & Venue

This Powerpoint 2016 core introduction course content is designed to be delivered 2-3 days, we can schedule your course Monday – Friday, all courses are delivered by MOS certified (MCT) trainers.

Individual and group courses are available which can either be delivered at your office of one of our London venues.

Powerpoint Exam Vouchers 

MOS Exam Vouchers are available from us, when purchasing you vouchers we include a retake voucher which is valid for thirty days of the MOS exam date.


Exam Study Packs

Available the official MOS 77-729 Study Guide, containing the course Gmetrix study manual, exam preps and vouchers – all you need to obtain your MOS certification. 
The study manual has a clean layout guided by simple step-by-step instructions. Beginners can further their development while experienced users challenge andegpand their knowledge.

Gmetrix is a program that allows you to practice taking Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. Using Gmetrix, and fulfilling the requirements regarding Gmetrix, is the greatest predictor of success on the actual exam. Our pass rate for students who properly utilize Gmetrix is over 95%

Purchasing your exam vouchers from Mouse Training you will not have to pay the any exam  administration fees.
Microsoft exam vouchers is valid from one year of purchase. Please Contact us for further details.

Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes 

  • Change the slide master theme or background 
  • Modify slide master content
  • Create a slide layout
  • Modify a slide layout
  • Modify the handout master
  • Modify the notes master

Order and Group Slides

  • Create sections 
  • Modify slide order
  • Rename sections

Change Presentation Options and Views

  • Change slide size
  • Change views of a presentation
  • Set file properties

Configure a Presentation for Print

  • Print all or part of a presentation 
  • Print notes pages
  • Print handouts
  • Print in colour, grayscale, or black and white

Configure and Present a Slide Show

  • Create custom slide shows
  • Configure slide show options
  • Rehearse slide show timing
  • Present a slide show by using Presenter View 

Insert and Format Text

  • Insert text on a slide
  • Apply formatting and styles to text
  • Art styles to text
  • Format text in multiple columns
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Insert hyperlinks

 Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes

  • Insert or replace shapes
  • Insert text boxes
  • Resize shapes and text boxes
  • Format shapes and text boxes
  • Apply styles to shapes and text boxes

Insert and Format Images

  • Insert images
  • Resize and crop images
  • Apply styles and effects

Order and Group Objects

  • Order objects
  • Align objects
  • Group objects
  • Display alignment tools

Insert and Format Tables

  • Create a table
  • Insert and delete table rows and columns
  • Apply table styles
  • Import a table

Insert and Format Tables

  • Create a chart
  • Import a chart
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Add a legend to a chart
  • Change the chart style of a chart

Insert and Format SmartArt graphics

  • Create SmartArt graphics
  • Convert lists to SmartArt graphics
  • Add shapes to SmartArt graphics
  • Reorder shapes in SmartArt graphics
  • Change the colour of SmartArt graphics

Insert and Manage Media

  • Insert audio and video clips
  • Configure media playback options
  • Adjust media window size
  • Set the video start and stop time
  • Set media timing options

Apply Slide Transitions

  • Insert slide transitions
  • Set transition effect options

Animate Slide Content

  • Apply animations to objects 
  • Apply animations to text
  • Set animation effect options
  • Set animation paths

Timing for Transitions and Animations

  • Set transition effect duration
  • Configure transition start and finish options
  • Reorder animations on a slide

Merge Content from Multiple Presentations 

  • Inset slides from another presentation 
  • Compare two presentations
  • Insert comments
  • Review comments

Module 5.2: Finalise Presentations 

  • Protect a presentation
  •  Inspect a presentation
  • Proof a presentation
  • Preserve presentation content
  • Export presentations to other formats

Powerpoint Introduction Level – Advanced Level Key Training Topics.

Getting Started, you will learn how to create simple presentations, identify the elements of the Powerpoint screen. Be able to use the ribbon and toolbars. Customise the quick acckess toolbar, change slide options arrange windows. View and switch presentations and saving options for your prsentations.

Working with Slides, you will examine the features you can use to create, organise, format, and manage slides.

Working with Text, you will you will examine the features that you can use to set up an outline and add, modify, and format text, lists, paragraphs and WordArt in a presentation. 

Working with Charts and Tables, when presenting ideas that include references to data, it may be helpful to use a chart or table. Charts and tables can visually transform data into a more meaningful structure, making it easier for you to convey your message

Adding Multimedia Elements, multimedia elements, such as graphics, pictures, video, and audio, add visual appeal to a presentation and can often be used in place of words. Using multimedia elements increases audience understanding and retention, provides emphasis on main points, clarifies your message, and enables you to engage your audience using multiple senses. Multimedia elements help users see and hear what you are trying to say

Enhancing Presentations, you can enhance a slide by adding a video or sound clip. Inserting a video clip (also called a movie clip or file) or adding sound to a slide can add interest to your presentation. However, relying too heavily on multimedia effects to carry your presentation can backfire. Too much sound and motion during a presentation can be confusing to your audience. Used thoughtfully, however, video and sound effects can quickly catch your viewers’ attention.

Preparing the Slide Shown, you will learn to use the comment feature, add speaker notes and create handouts, rehearse and record your presentation, and present online. Topics includede in this section, review your presentation, insering comments, comparing presentations, inserting speaker notes, reherasing a presentation, applying timings and creating custom slideshows.

Sharing Presentations, you will prepare a presentation for sharing as a PowerPoint show, on a CD, or in print.  Compress and optimise media and pictures, protect and inspect your presentations using didital signatures and marking a prsentation as final.

Exporting your prsentations to other file formats 


Microsoft PowerPoint is a corporate standard presentation graphics application. Used to produce powerful, professional presentations featuring images, sound and video, text and animations, PowerPoint has an unrivalled ability to present information very clearly and bring it to life graphically.

Our Microsoft powerpoint  training courses can take you on a journey from being a complete beginner through to an advanced user who will then be able to make full use of the application’s capabilities and beyond. Taught by highly efficient, expert Microsoft Certified trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will gain practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks. Full access to our extensive library of software help guides is included in the price.

This course is ideal for complete novices, those who have basic knowledge of Powerpoint or are self-taught. The course will provide you with the skills you need to work quickly and produce effective and beautiful presentations.

This course is often used to benchmark MS Powerpoint skills and ensure a level of understanding for new starts at companies.

Delegates will leave feeling confident about creating professional presentations with the software and be able to navigate the interface intuitively and productively.

Delegates attending the public scheduled course may choose to use either PC or Mac versions of the courses..

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powerpoint 2016 exam, MOS Powerpoint 2016 Core Exam 77-729
powerpoint 2016 exam, MOS Powerpoint 2016 Core Exam 77-729