Lorem Ipsum for Word and PowerPoint

Generating Random Text for Word and PowerPoint

Generating random text or Lorem Ipsum for Word and PowerPoint. Do you ever need filler or placeholder text for Word documents or PowerPoint text boxes? It’s quite handy when you want to plan the design and layout of your document and check out different fonts and formatting options etc. Being an expert typist, I always used to type in double-encrypted blah, blah nonsense like this, “jkhj kefhkfh kjhjkhf hfshf jhkjhs” until I discovered random text functions. However, my typing speed has suffered, I was quite impressive typing “jkhj kefhkfh kjhjkhf” but now I’m back in the land of hunt and peck.

Random Text

To generate some random text, click on your document or on a PowerPoint text box, type in =RAND( ) and then press the ENTER key. Don’t forget the equals sign at the start and both the brackets at the end. You’ll get some paragraphs of random text. To control the number of paragraphs, enter a number inside the brackets. So, =RAND(5) gives you five paragraphs.

Lorem Ipsum

If you have a classical bent then you may prefer some Latin, in which case type in =LOREM( ) and you get paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Lovely!

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