Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

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Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course Overview

The Microsoft Project Advanced Training course is designed for those who are already using Microsoft Project and have some fundamental project management knowledge but who need to learn the more complex project management features and data evaluation facilities. MS Project Online Advanced courses are available during COVID.

The course also includes amending and re-scheduling timescales, resources, costs and tasks as well as tracking and controlling each aspect of the project. 

You should have attended our Microsoft Project Introduction course or have previous working knowledge of Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

Project Advanced Five Key Topics

  1. Identifying Resource Over-allocations
  2. Working with the Project Baseline
  3. Creating Project Filters
  4. Using & Creating Custom Project Reports
  5. Project Templates
Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

Training Course Details

Course Duration : 1 day
Course Availability : Monday – Saturday
Course Types : Group booking, 1-2-1 sessions, Bespoke & Public Courses
Training Times : Our courses run run from 09:30 to16:30, course registration 09:00 – 09:30, refreshments available throughout the day. A buffet lunch is available – please discuss with the team.
Facilities : A relaxed environment, air conditioned training rooms, note pads, pens and unlimited access to our online course materials.

Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

Project Advanced Course Details

Course Location : Face to face group / public & onsite training available. Virtual training courses available.

Class Size : As a guide we recommend class sizes to be no more than eight.

Virtual / Online training Format : Teams or Zoom.

Tailored Course Content : Our Advanced Project courses can be tailored to your requirements – Get In Touch

Tailored Courses : We offer a free consultancy service to help tailor the course to meet your requirements.

Centre and Services

Comfortable & modern facilities
Unlimited access to our online training manuals
Complimentary lunch
Courses delivered by Certified Trainers
Microsoft & CPD courses available

Our Trainers

Michael, one of our lead Project trainers, has over 25 years of delivering Project from basics to Project management  level. All our trainers are encouraged to become Microsoft Accredited within their first year of working at Mouse Training.

Our instructors are very approachable, making the driest subject matter fun. 

Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

At Course Completion of Project Advanced

  • Identify and resolve over-allocations
  • Creating a Project Baseline
  • Understand the uses of Resource Pools
  • Create Multiple Projects
  • Track a Project using the Tracking Gantt view
  • Create & Modify Tables
  • Creating calculated fields
  • Applying project filters
  • Displaying Reports
  • Templates
  • Team Planner
  • Office Online & 365 additional functionality

Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course – Outline

  • What are over-allocations
  • Identifying over-allocated tasks
  • Task inspector
  • Viewing resource assignments and finding over-allocations
  • Viewing the project critical path
  • Resource levelling explained
  • Leveling options
  • Applying levelling
  • Uses of the Leveling Gantt
  • Applying the leveling Gantt
  • Clear Leveling


  • Why save a baseline
  • Saving the baseline
  • Removing a baseline
  • Revising the baseline
  • Adding new tasks to an existing baseline
  • Multiple baselines
  • Why use multiple project plans
  • Creating a resource pool
  • Setting Project and task priorities
  • Creating consolidated projects
  • Linking tasks across projects of a consolidated project
  • Leveling consolidated projects
  • Saving project workspaces


  • What is tracking?
  • Tracking Gantt view
  • Updating the project schedule
  • Working with actuals
  • Comparing the actuals and planned progress of a project
  • Inactive tasks
  • Additional project tracking options
  • Displaying additional project tables
  • Modifying table fields
  • Working with custom fields
  • Creating a calculation
  • Working with graphical indicators
  • Creating addition tables
  • Why use project filters
  • Using the standard project filters
  • Creating custom filters
  • ntroduction to project reports
  • Displaying reports
  • Creating custom reports
  • Applying filters to reports
  • Benefits of using Global Template
  • Uses of the organiser
  • Guidelines of the organiser
  • Adding custom tables, filters and reports to the global template using the organiser
  • Deleting tables, filters and Reports from the global template using the organiser


  • Calendar
  • Network diagram
  • Task Usage
  • Resource usage
  • Timeline
  • Team Planner
Requires PROJECT ONLINE/ 365 Project Professional
  • Resource Manager
  • Resource Engagements
  • Resource Capacity – Heat Maps
  • Resource usage
  • Timeline
  • Team Planner

Is this Advanced Project Course for You?

Don’t panic, you do not need any previous experience of Microsoft Project to attend this course.

Give us a call, our admin team will be delighted to assist in making sure you are on the correct level.

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Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course
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Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course
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