Apple Applications – Keynote Numbers and Pages Training Course Outline

Audience: This course is ideal for you if you want to get to grips with the popular Apple applications; Keynote, Numbers and Pages which are available when purchasing a new Apple computer.

We are happy to arrange for a trainer to contact you to help tailor you course.

Course Duration: 2 day.

Course Availability: Monday – Saturday

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses, 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and office migrations.

Course Location: This Apple Applications Keynote, Numbers and Pages training course can be delivered either at our London training venue or at your offices. 

Tailored Course Content: Course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with Keynote
  • Add Photos, Charts and Sound
  • Add Video and Animation
  • Create a Custom Theme
  • Import from PowerPoint and Work with Charts
  • Rehearse and Deliver a Presentation
  • Publish your Presentation
  • Work with Pages
  • Build a Report
  • Create a Newsletter
  • Create Promotional Materials
  • Work with Numbers
  • Create an Event Planner
  • Create Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Create Advanced Charts

Course Outline


Module 1: Working with Keynote

  • Opening Keynote
  • Choosing a Theme and Slide Size
  • Selecting a Master Slide
  • Outlining a Presentation
  • Pasting Text into an Outline
  • Formatting Text
  • Customising a Layout
  • Adding a Table
  • Calculating the Value of Table Cells
  • Fixing Spelling Errors

Module 2: Adding Photos, Charts and Sound

  • Adding Photos
  • Enhancing Photos in Keynote
  • Customising Photo Layouts
  • Making Part of a Photo Transparent
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
  • Adding a Chart
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding a Global Transition
  • Reducing the Presentation File Size
  • Saving Media with Your Presentation

Module 3: Adding Video and Animation

  • Creating Builds to Reveal Text and a Table
  • Creating Interleaved Builds
  • Creating Graphs and Charts
  • Creating a Smart Build
  • Creating Custom Animations
  • Adding Sound to a Build
  • Creating Transitions Between Slides
  • Creating 2D and 3D Animations
  • Creating Object Effect Transitions
  • Using Text Effects Transitions
  • Using Magic Move
  • Using Video in a Slideshow
  • Configuring Preferences
  • Running a Presentation
  • Pausing and Resuming a Slideshow

Module 4: Creating a Custom Theme

  • Preparing an Empty Theme
  • Creating a Title Slide
  • Creating a Photo Master
  • Saving and Sharing Themes
  • Applying a Custom Theme

Module 5: Importing from PowerPoint and Working with Charts

  • Importing a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Animating a Title Slide
  • Cleaning up a Chart
  • Enhancing and Animating a Chart
  • Improving Title Text
  • Animating a Table
  • Animating a Column Chart
  • Animating a Pie Chart
  • Changing a Chart Style
  • Animating a 3D Area Chart
  • Adding Content from a Word Document
  • Saving a PowerPoint or PDF File

Module 6: Rehearsing and Delivering Your Presentation

  • Reviewing with Light Table View
  • Adding Comments
  • Adding and Printing Presenter Notes
  • Indexing a Presentation with Spotlight
  • Rehearsing a Presentation
  • Giving a Presentation with a Portable Computer
  • Using an iPhone or iPod as a Remote Control
  • Creating a Self-Running Slideshow Presentation

Module 7: Publishing your Presentation

  • Printing Hand-outs
  • Exporting as PDF
  • Exporting to PowerPoint
  • Exporting Images
  • Exporting to QuickTime
  • Exporting to an iPod
  • Exporting to HTML
  • Sending to YouTube
  • Sharing a Presentation with other applications



Module 8: Working with Pages

  • Opening Pages
  • Choosing a Template
  • Writing in Full-Screen Mode
  • Replacing Placeholder Text
  • Formatting Text and Lists Using Styles
  • Adding Graphics
  • Proofreading a Document
  • Creating Addressed Envelopes

Module 9: Building a Report

  • Opening an Existing File
  • Tracking Changes
  • Using Comments
  • Inserting a Cover Page
  • Managing Section Breaks
  • Adjusting Margins
  • Starting Chapters on Right-facing Pages
  • Adding a Footer
  • Formatting Text and Lists Using Styles
  • Updating a Paragraph Style
  • Using Character Styles
  • Formatting a List Using List Styles
  • Adding a Table of Contents

Module 10: Creating a Newsletter

  • Choosing a Newsletter Template
  • Working with a Template
  • Formatting the Title
  • Building the First Page
  • Laying out More Pages
  • Inserting a Page into a Layout
  • Completing the Layout
  • Exporting to PDF

Module 11: Creating Promotional Materials

  • Customising the Media Browser
  • Creating a Brochure
  • Modifying a Masked Image
  • Adjusting Text to Fit a Layout
  • Group and Edit an Object
  • Connecting Text Boxes
  • Format a Hyperlink
  • Creating a Flyer
  • Adding Sound to a Pages Document
  • Saving a Flyer as a Template


Module 12: Working with Numbers

  • Opening Numbers
  • Choosing a Template
  • Working with Sheets
  • Working with Tables
  • Importing Spreadsheet Data
  • Formatting a Table
  • Using Table Styles
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Adding Media
  • Printing and Exporting a Spreadsheet

Module 13: Creating an Event Planner

  • Choosing a Template
  • Adding Media to a Spreadsheet
  • Using Address Book Cards
  • Editing and Sorting Data in a Table
  • Using Checkboxes
  • Steppers and Sliders
  • Modifying and Saving Table Styles

Module 14: Advanced Spreadsheets

  • Organising Information Using Table Categories
  • Formatting a Time report
  • Performing Calculations with Variables
  • Referencing Data
  • Formatting Displayed Data
  • Using Advanced Formulas with Functions

Module 15: Advanced Charting

  • Creating a Stacked 3D Bar Chart
  • Displaying a Margin of Error
  • Comparing Data in a 2-Axis Chart
  • Making a Scatter Chart
, Apple Keynote  Numbers and Pages Training Course
, Apple Keynote  Numbers and Pages Training Course