1-2-1 Training Courses

Course Choices

It’s all about having flexible choices. People have different needs and preferences and whichever option you choose you can feel confident that our interactive adult learning methods will deliver a positive learning experience. Our tutors strive to capture your interest throughout each session and we hope that you will leave determined to try out your new skills.


One-2-One Training

Our consultants are available to deliver One-2-One training or coaching on any topic. Ideal for those who wish to tailor a course to their needs, topics can be picked from any course level.


Tailored Programmes

“Made to Measure” training, you can pick topics from any of our scheduled courses to create a tailored program that suits your specific learning needs. Companies often need a mix of learning. With groups who are at different skill levels, work at different locations or have different working hours you often need a mix of different methods to make your training work. Our team can help you tailor the programmer to match your training aims and needs. This could include on-site workshops, help lines, floor-walking support during software transition, One-2-One coaching and teaching for senior staff, support materials and Quick Start guides.