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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Introduction

Audience: Outlook 2010 is a very popular email application in Microsoft Office. It helps you to organise and share information and to communicate with other people. Outlook has an excellent Calendar feature, which helps optimise your time.

Course Duration: 1 day(1)

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location:This Outlook 2010 Introduction training course is delivered at our training centre in London situated close to Liverpool Street station; training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.


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After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Understand the Outlook environment
    • Send and receive Mail
    • Address an email
    • Reading Pane
    • Archive Mail messages
    • To-Do Bar
    • Backstage View
    • Create Appointments
    • Enter Contacts
    • Quick Contacts
    • Schedule Meetings
    • Create and schedule Tasks
    • Create Notes
    • Use the Outlook Journal

  • Course Outline
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    Module 1: Getting Started with Outlook
    • Starting Outlook
    • The Outlook interface
    • Toolbars and menu
    • Outlook Ribbon
    • Backstage view
    • Outlook Today
    • Navigation Pane and Folder List
    • To-Do bar
    • Working with folder views
    • Zoom control
    • Creating Mail folders
    • Exiting Outlook
    Module 2: Mail – The Basics
    • Creating a new email message
    • To, CC and BCC
    • Addressing an email
    • Sending an email
    • Receiving an email
    • Working with the Reading Pane
    • Replying and forwarding email
    • Updating the read status
    • Printing mail messages
    Module 3: Mail – Managing Mail
    • Changing the mail folder views
    • Sorting, deleting and moving messages
    • Emptying the Deleted Items folder
    • Open; Reply; Forward mail items
    • Working with attachments
    • Deleting messages
    • Restoring a deleted mail message
    • Emptying the recycle bin
    • Flagging messages
    • Saving mail as a draft
    • Creating a Distribution List
    Module 4: Attachments and Signatures
    • Inserting a file attachment
    • Saving file attachments
    • Working with Hyperlinks
    • Creating Quick Parts (AutoText)
    • Inserting Hyperlinks
    Module 5: Mail – Additional topics
    • Viewing Sent Mail
    • Recalling Sent Mail
    • Resending Sent Mail
    • Flagging messages
    • Setting message importance
    Module 6: Contacts
    • Adding, editing and deleting contacts
    • Deleting a contact
    • Changing contact view
    • Quick Contacts
    • Find a contact
    • Creating distribution lists
    • Using contacts for mail merge
    Module 7: Calendar Scheduling
    • Calendar environment
    • Scheduling an appointment and events
    • Editing, moving and deleting appointments
    • Working with calendar views
    • Printing the calendar
    Module 8: Scheduling Meetings
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Responding to meeting requests
    • Checking the meeting status
    • Updating and deleting meetings
    • Creating group schedules
    Module 9: Tasks
    • Creating and editing tasks
    • Updating the task status
    • Marking a task as complete
    • Assigning tasks to colleagues
    • Accepting and declining  tasks
    • Updating the progress of a task and sending status report
    • Viewing tasks assigned to colleagues
    Module 10: Notes
    • Creating, opening and deleting notes
    • Assign categories to notes
    • Forwarding notes
    • Printing notes.
    • Note date stamp
    • Additional note topics
    Module 11: Journal
    • Opening the journal folder
    • Setting journal options
    • Entering journal entries manually
    • Setting the journal to automatically record office activities
    • Deleting journal entries

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