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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Modules

Audience: This course is designed for Microsoft office users who require specific key elements of the Microsoft office suite.

Course Duration: 1 day(1), select two modules from any of the Microsoft office suite.

Course: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.


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After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Email and Introduction to Contacts
    • Tasks and Calendars
    • Contacts, Journals and Notes

  • Course Outline
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    Email and Introduction to Contacts
    • Create and send Email messages
    • Open; Reply; Forward mail items
    • Resend and Recall mail messages
    • Adding read and delivery receipts
    • Redirecting mail replies
    • Creating a new mail item folders
    • Using data files
    • Moving a mail message into a folder
    • Deleting messages; restoring a deleted mail message
    • Working with attachments
    • Flagging incoming / outgoing messages for follow-up
    • Defining and assigning Categories
    • Organise emails using rules
    • Creating signature and themes
    • Grouping mail messages
    • Searching for specific mail messages
    • Filtering mail messages
    • Polls – assigning voting buttons and tracking responses
    • Handling junk email
    • Inserting calendar Information to a message
    • RSS feeds
    • Working with multiple email accounts
    • Creating a contact
    • Organising the contacts; applying filters and categories
      Contacts, Journals and Notes
      • Organising the contacts; applying filters and categories
      • Sending contact details as Vcards
      • Creating a business card
      • Setting up distribution lists
      • Printing Contacts; contact print styles
      • Creating and saving a note
      • Forwarding a note
      • Assign categories to notes
      • Note date stamp
    Tasks and Calendars
    • Creating and updating tasks information
    • Entering recurring tasks
    • Applying task reminders
    • Task views
    • Assign task request
    • Updating tasks - Task updates; task status
    • Using the task timeline
    • Additional task topics
    • Changing calendar views
    • Date navigator
    • Printing calendar; selecting print styles
    • Printing the calendar; additional appointment topics
    • Scheduling a single/recurring appointment
    • Editing and deleting an appointment
    • Free busy time; private setting
    • Adding reminders to the appointment
    • Making appointments more visual – applying categories
    • Invite attendees to appointments
    • Working with meeting responses
    • Updating existing meetings
    • Adding an event to the calendar
    • Editing the events
    • Entering tasks in calendar view
    • Adding additional task information
    • Completing tasks; automatic task updating
    • Creating additional calendars
    • Viewing multiple calendars
    • Working with scheduling conflicts; overlay mode
    • Duplicating appointments across calendars
    • Sharing and publishing Calendars
    • Using online calendars
    • Sending calendar details via email
    • Plan a meeting tool
    • Using a group schedule

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