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Microsoft OneNote for Mac

Audience: Our OneNote Introduction course is designed for those who wish to use this powerful digital note-taking application to help keep track of ideas, get organised and share notes. If you do a lot of note taking, attend multiple meetings during the week and collaborate with others on projects, then OneNote will keep that mass of information neat and tidy. OneNote data is easily stored and shared in the cloud.

Course Duration: 1 day(1)

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location: This Microsoft OneNote for Mac Introduction training course is delivered at our training centre in London situated close to Liverpool Street station; training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.

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After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Understand the OneNote interface
    • Add Content to Notes
    • Format Notes
    • View and Organise Information
    • Use Stationery and Templates
    • Format Pages
    • Print Pages
    • Work with Tables
    • Use Writing Tools
    • Share Notebooks
    • Collaborate on Notebooks
    • Research with OneNOptionsote
    • Modify OneNote

  • Course Outline
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    Module 1: Getting Started
    • OneNote explained
    • Opening OneNote for the first time
    • OneNote interface
    • Creating new notebooks
    • Opening, closing, and saving notebooks
    • Creating, moving, deleting sections and pages
    • Sub-pages
    • Creating a note on a page
    Module 2: Adding Content to Notes
    • Adding screen clippings
    • Adding pictures
    • Maths equations to notes
    • Working with unfiled notes
    • Copying and pasting content
    • Sending to OneNote
     Module 3: Formatting Notes
    • Formatting text
    • Using bullets and numbering
    • Spell check
    • Using styles from the Quick Gallery
    • Using bullets and numbering
    Module 4: Viewing and Organising Information
    • Searching a notebook
    • Organising the user interface
    • Creating new windows
    • Working with sections
    • Using section groups
    • Creating links to pages with Wiki linking
    • Tagging notes
    Module 5: Using Stationery and Templates
    • Working with templates
    • Selecting a default template
    • Saving as a template
    Module 6: Formatting Pages
    • Setting paper size and margins
    • Changing page background options
    • Adding a background graphic
    Module 7: Printing
    • Printing notes and selections
    • Print options
    Module 8: Working with Tables
    • Tables explained
    • Creating a new table
    • Working with rows and columns
    • Formatting tables and data
    • Moving tables and data
    Module 9: Writing Tools
    • Pen mode
    • Manipulating written notes and drawings
    • Converting handwriting to type
    Module 10: Sharing Notebooks
    • Saving OneNote content to PDF
    • Saving to other formats
    • Creating a shared notebook
    • Inviting others
    • Syncing notebooks
    • Syncing with OneDrive
    • OneNote and the web
    Module 11: Collaborating on Notebooks
    • Working with author indicators
    • Finding newly added content with highlighting
    • Versioning
    Module 12: Researching with OneNote
    • Linking notes to what you're viewing
    • Research pane explained
    • Working with Mini Translator
    Module 13: Modifying OneNote Options
    • Changing email options
    • Applying passwords
    • Setting display options
    • Backup options

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