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CSS Introduction


Audience:This course is designed for beginning or prospective web designers who want to use Cascading Style Sheets to create and maintain websites.

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location:This CSS Introduction training course is delivered at our training centre in London situated close to Liverpool Street station; training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.


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After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand CSS
  • Work with CSS Classes
  • Set Font Properties
  • Set Text Properties
  • Set Colour and Background Properties
  • Deal with the Box model
  • Set Visual Formatting Properties
  • Use Visual Effect and User Interface Properties
  • Set Table Properties
  • Generated Content and List Properties


  • Course Content

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    Module 1: Understanding CSS

    • Versions of CSS
    • Types of CSS Rules
    • CSS and Markup Languages
    • Setting Your DTD
    • Kinds of HTML and XHTML Tags

    Module 2: CSS Basics

    • Adding Styles to an HTML Tag
    • Adding Styles to a Web Page and Web Site
    • Redefining an HTML Tag
    • Defining Classes to Create Your Own Tags
    • Defining ID's to Identify an Object
    • Defining Styles with the Same Rules
    • Defining Styles in Context
    • Defining Link Styles with Pseudo-classes
    • Creating Drop Caps with Pseudo- elements
    • Managing Existing or Inherited Property Values
    • Determining the Cascade Order
    • Setting Styles for Print
    • Adding Comments to CSS
    • Style Sheet Strategies

    Module 3: Font Properties

    • Understanding Typography on the Web
    • Setting the Font Size
    • Making Text Italic and Setting Bold, Bolder, Boldest
    • Creating Small Caps
    • Setting Multiple Font Values

    Module 4: Text Properties

    • Adjusting Text Spacing
    • Setting Text Case
    • Aligning Text Horizontally and Vertically
    • Indenting Paragraphs
    • Setting Text and Foreground Color
    • Decorating Text
    • Setting Text Direction
    • Setting Page Breaks for Printing

    Module 5: Colour and Background Properties

    • Choosing Colour Palettes
    • Setting Text and Foreground Colour
    • Setting a Background Colour
    • Setting a Background Image
    • Setting Multiple Background Values

    Module 6: Box Properties

    • Understand an Element’s Box
    • Setting How an Element is Displayed
    • Setting an Element’s Margins
    • Setting an Element’s Border
    • Setting an Element’s Outline
    • Setting an Element’s Padding
    • Setting the Width and Height of an Element

    Module 7: Visual Formatting Properties

    • Understanding the Window and Document
    • Setting the Position Type
    • Setting the Element’s Position
    • Stacking Objects (3D Positioning)
    • Floating Elements in the Window
    • Clearing Floating

    Module 8: Visual Effect and User Interface Properties

    • Setting the Visibility of an Element
    • Setting an Elements Visible Area (Clipping)
    • Setting Where the Overflow Content Goes
    • Setting an Element’s Opacity
    • Changing the Mouse Pointer’s Appearance
    • Changing the Scrollbar’s Appearance (IE Windows only)

    Module 9: Table Properties

    • Setting the Table Layout
    • Setting the Space Between Table Cells
    • Collapsing Borders Between Table Cells
    • Dealing with Empty Table Cells
    • Setting the Position of a Table Caption

    Module 10: Generated Content and List Properties

    • Adding Content Using CSS
    • Teaching the Browser to Count
    • Specifying the Quote Style
    • Setting the Bullet Style
    • Creating Your Own Bullets
    • Setting Bullet Positions
    • Setting Multiple List Styles
    • Displaying an Element as a List

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