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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers


Audience: This course is designed for anyone who needs to understand the fundamental uses of Photoshop and the best way to incorporate these into their work as a photographer or retouching artist.

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location:This Photoshop Introduction training course is delivered at our Training centre in London situated close to London Liverpool street station, training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.


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After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand Preferences and File Formats
  • Use Camera Raw Essentials Workflow
  • Know the Camera Raw Interface
  • Open and Save files
  • Crop, Compose, and Straighten
  • Improve Colour with White Balance
  • Using the Main Basic Adjustments
  • Improve Clarity and Vibrance and Saturation
  • Make compelling Strong Black-and-White Images
  • Reduce Noise and Sharpen images


  • Course Content

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    Module 1: Preferences and File Formats
    • Bridge overview and preferences
    • Optimizing the performance of Bridge and Camera Raw
    • Why raw files work best
    • The advantages of using DNG
    • Comparing RAW and DNG
    • Converting or saving to the DNG format
    Module 2: Camera Raw Essentials Workflow
    • Project overview
    • Correcting exposure with the Basic panel
    • Cropping and composing
    • Converting to black and white
    • Sharpening and noise reduction
    • Processing multiple files at once
    Module 3: Getting to know the Camera Raw Interface
    • Navigating the interface and the toolbar
    • The interface and the toolbar
    • Advanced panel navigation
    • Navigating to the tools and panels
    • Using the histogram clipping indicators
    • Previewing before and after different adjustments
    • Working with multiple files
    Module 4: Opening and Saving
    • Opening raw files in Bridge
    • Opening JPEGs and TIFFs in Bridge
    • Using Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop
    • How to open and skip Camera Raw
    • Opening files in Photoshop from Camera Raw
    • Saving from Camera Raw
    • Opening an image as a Smart Object
    Module 5: Crop, Compose, and Straighten
    • Introducing the Crop tool
    • Cropping to a specific aspect ratio
    • Cropping to a custom ratio or size
    • Using the crop overlay
    • Rotating and cropping an image with the Crop tool
    • Straightening your photograph
    • The art of cropping
    Module 6: Improving Colour with White Balance
    • Improving colour balance
    • Using the White Balance tool and controls
    • Precise colour correcting with white balance cards
    • Making creative colour adjustments
    • Enhancing colour with Temperature and Tint
    Module 7: Using the Main Basic Adjustments
    • Deconstructing the basic adjustments
    • Correcting exposure
    • Automatically correcting exposure
    • Making exposure enhancements
    • Recovering highlight and shadow detail
    • Basic adjustments speed tip
    • Making changes with the interactive histogram
    Module 8: Improving Clarity and Vibrance and Saturation
    • Demystifying Clarity
    • Increasing Clarity
    • Understanding Vibrance and Saturation
    • Improving colour with Vibrance
    • Making creative colour adjustments
    Module 9: Making Strong Black-and-White Images
    • Introducing the best way to convert to black and white
    • Creating a dramatic black-and-white landscape
    • Converting a portrait to black and white
    Module 10: Reducing Noise and Sharpening
    • Reducing unwanted noise
    • Sharpening your photographs
    • Sharpening and noise reduction workflow
    • Sharpening and reducing noise on a portrait
    • Basic and Detail panel workflow
    • Better noise reduction with Colour Smoothing

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