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Adobe Photoshop Advanced


Audience:Photoshop is designed for professionals who edit photos regularly and this course is recommended as a follow up to our two-day Introduction to Photoshop course or for any self-taught professional with equivalent experience.

Course Duration: 1 day(1)

Course Types: Group bookings, public courses , 1-2-1 sessions, bespoke tailored courses and Saturday club.

Course Location:This Adobe Photoshop Advanced training course is delivered at our training centre in London situated close to Liverpool Street station; training can also be delivered at your offices. Tailored course content can be customised to meet your specific requirements, with scheduled dates to suit you.


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After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Create Layers
  • Use Painting modes and layer modes
  • Use the Shape tool
  • Create Photo Montages
  • Use Automation and Scripts
  • Use the History panel
  • Create Displacement maps
  • Customise the Photoshop Interface
  • Use Advanced Sharpening Techniques
  • Create effects using Alpha Channels
  • Use the Actions panel
  • Use Conditional Actions
  • Work with Video


  • Course Content

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    Module 1: Layers
    • Duplicating layers
    • Layer masks
    • Preserve transparency and locking layers
    • Grouping layers
    • Adjustment layers and adjustment layer masks
    • Working with layer comps
    • Using layer auto alignment and blending
    • Smart objects including Smart filters
    • Using Content Aware Fill
    • Using Content Aware Scale
    • Using Puppet Warp
    Module 2: Painting modes and layer modes
    • Colourising
    • Hand-tinting
    • Clipping paths to create selected areas
    • Using displacement maps with type to create special effects
    Module 3: Shape tool
    • Working with and editing shapes
    • Creating and importing custom shapes, e.g. logos for re-use
    • Using editable rounded rectangles
    • Multi-shape and path selection
    • Saving in shapes panel
    Module 4: Montages
    • Creating montages with layer masks
    • Creating realistic photo montages to include reflections on various surface types (eg metal, water etc) and custom shadows
    • Using the Masks panel for creating editable, feathered, density-controlled masks
    • Creating 360-degree
      Module 5: Automation and Scripts
      • PDF presentation
      • Droplets
      • Photomerge
      • Web Gallery
      • Using Adobe Kuler for creating and sharing colour schemes
      • Importing colour swatches directly from HTML, CSS and SVG files
      Module 6: History panel
      • Reverting to snapshots
      • Using the history brush for effects
    Module 7: Displacement maps
    • What is a displacement map?
    • Creating your own displacement map
    • Using Photoshop’s in-built maps
    • Using displacement maps with type to create special effects
    Module 8: Customising the Photoshop Interface
    • Shortcuts
    • Workspace
    • Creating Custom Panels using Adobe Configurator
    Module 9: Sharpening techniques and blur
    • Unsharp mask
    • Lens blurs
    Module 10: Advanced Sharpening Techniques
    • Unsharp Mask on highpass
    • Unsharp Mask on edges using channel (alpha)
    • Camera Shake Reduction
    Module 11: Alpha Channels
    • Creating effects adjusting images and selections with channels
    • Creating metallic appearances e.g. brass, chrome
    • Spot channels
    Module 12: Using the Actions panel
    • Using, adjusting and creating textures
    • Batch-processing several files
    Module 13: Conditional Actions
    • Using If/Then statements
    • Automatically choosing between different actions based on rules you set up
    Module 14: Video
    • Non-square pixels for TV
    • Video painting, cloning and text on multiple frames

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