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Microsoft Access Training Courses, Index Page Microsoft Access Training Course
Microsoft Access Training Courses, Index Page Microsoft Access Training Course

Why is Microsoft Access Popular 

With million users worldwide, Access is the tool of choice for storing and analysing data. Having a good understanding of Access is an essential key skill for any office worker today.

Microsoft Office Access 2016 (also known as Microsoft Access, or simply Access) is a database application. In this context, data refers to information that is usually in the form of text or numbers, and this information is stored in a table.

 Information in one table may relate to information in zero, one, or many other tables. One or more tables of information, when grouped together in a logical way, are collectively referred to as a database.

Access is designed to enter, edit, and analyze the data in a database. Queries are used to extract information from the tables based on search criteria. You can use a form as a user-friendly method of viewing, entering, or modifying data. 

Why attend our Excel Training Courses 


Our Microsoft Access training courses take you on a journey from being a complete beginner through to an advanced user, able to make full use of the application’s capabilities and beyond.

At Mouse our Access training courses are delivered by highly efficient, expert Microsoft Certified trainers.

 Full access to our extensive library of software help guides is included in the price. 

All of our courses are available for private groups, either held at your workplace or at our Access training London centre. 

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